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Having the experience of a criminal investigator, David has unique insight to help you prepare a strong defense.


With a thorough understanding of the law, David can help you navigate the toughest legal situations efficiently.


Having adopted his own child, David knows what's at stake and how to help couples through the adoption process.

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David Keys-Nunes

David Keys-Nunes

Attorney at Law

David graduated from the Arizona Law Enforcement Academy in 2005. After making detective in 2011, he worked on the Crimes Against Children Unit where he helped many children and families in his community.
While still attending his duties as a detective, David attended the Arizona Summit Law schools after his shifts and graduated valedictorian.

David eventually left the police department to open his own law firm in 2017, where he helps individuals charged with crimes defend their rights. With his thorough knowledge of the law and his strategic planning on your side, you can be confident going into any courtroom.

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A pending case can result in job loss, embarrassment, or even affect child custody. Let me help you defend your name and protect your reputation.

David Keys-Nunes

A Strong defense with Insight

Many people mistakenly believe that the police have to read someone their rights before interviewing them. Many also believe that the police have to have a search warrant to conduct a search. Unfortunately, neither are true.

Experienced police officers will avoid creating a situation that requires them to read Miranda rights to the person they're speaking with. They will obtain consent to search through questions and statements that make people feel it's easier to waive their right to refuse a search. They may say something like, "ff there's nothing to hide, you wouldn't mind letting me check your bag."

By telling the police you want to speak with an attorney as soon as you're contacted, you buy yourself time and protection from being persuaded to do things that can harm your case in the long run.

Many individuals are falsely accused of crimes, and when those crimes are sexual in nature or involve child abuse, such accusations can have lasting effects. Even a pending case can result in job loss, public embarrassment, and can fracture family relationships. There are many ways to protect your rights and defend against criminal accusations — and that's where I aim to help.

Areas of Focus

Providing solutions to even the most difficult legal issues.

Sex Crimes

If you are facing a sex crime charge, it's important to hire an attorney early in the investigation so you can develop a strategy for your defense.

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Child Abuse

In child crimes cases, it's important to consult an attorney before talking to the police — even if you are innocent — to avoid miscommunication.

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When you are seeking to adopt, you need an attorney like David Keys-Nunes who has personal experience with the adoption process.

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Former Law Enforcement At Your Defense

With 12 years of investigative service in the Crimes Against Children Unit combined with his legal knowledge and successful practice, David Keys-Nunes has the skills and expertise to take your case as far as needed in the pursuit of a favorable outcome. David is dedicated to his clients and serving their individual needs.

As a criminal defense attorney, David represents individuals who have been accused or charged with DUI, child abuse or neglect, and sex crimes. With special insight into the investigative techniques used by the police, David knows how to craft effective strategies to help you pursue justice.

Adopting a child is an exciting and memorable experience that should be celebrated. The process, however, can be complex and time-consuming. That's why David, who adopted his own child, provides extensive service to families seeking adoption. Whether you are adopting for the first, second, or third time, David Keys-Nunes has the experience to help you succeed.

Whether you're facing a criminal charge, a DUI offense, or a personal injury — when you come to The Law Office of David Keys-Nunes, PLLC you receive counsel and representation with distinction and compassion. When everything is on the line, put David on your side.